As anglers we must all look after our catch, and recognise that the fish in our venues are a valuable asset that must be treated with the utmost respect whilst on the bank. With this in mind, Gardner have implemented some key improvements to our hugely successful Safety Sling Mat design to offer the highest level of protection for the fish in our care.

Safety Sling Mat – The ideal unhooking mat for stalking which also doubles as a weigh sling.

New improved design with thicker foam content.
Fully waterproof 210D PVC material.
Folded state displays side zipped pockets Can be used as a stalking bag.
Unhooking Area: Length=94cm, Width= 81cm
Colour: Dark Olive Green

XL Safety Sling Mat – Retains the useful attributes and versatility of the original Safety Sling Mat, like strong webbing handles and complete coverage of the ground with the foam as there are no gaps between the two halves of the mat when laid out for complete protection.

New improved, larger and fish friendly design unhooking mat/weigh sling with carry straps.
High quality 40mm foam filling offers more protection on all types of surface if the fish flaps whilst being unhooked/photographed.
Smooth/soft fully waterproof 210D PVC finish on the unhooking surface removes much less of the vital protective layer of mucus from fish.
Larger padded unhooking area – now 48″ x 37”, because carp are always getting bigger!
Can be used as a stalking bag
Handy side zipped pocket for storing carp care products and carp sacks Heavy duty webbing handles – strong and durable
Unhooking Area:Length=120cm, Width=108cm
Colour: Dark Olive Green

Gardner Tackle Safety Sling Mat