The Mk2 Lo-Pro brolly is a perfect dark olive green colour, manufactured with new black-out PU material that has a 5,000mm hydrostatic head waterproof rating. The unique design has clever elasticated rib joints that extend, allowing 6 out of the 8 ribs to touch the ground reducing the need for storm poles. However attachments for storm poles are included for severe weather conditions or to raise the front higher.

An extended rear skirt provides storage space for carryalls, rucksacks etc. behind the bedchair, keeping them away from damp and dirt and the front edge of the shelter has a rain baffle to prevent drips. The strong frame has a space saver mechanism that maximises headroom even when set low. You can adjust the shelter height, width and internal space to suit different weather conditions, terrain and visibility needs.

Fits most bedchairs, but it is best suited to more compact models.

Packed length when folded down is 1.73m (5’ 8”) which fits inside most carp quivers.

Shelter weight is 3.7kg without 8 pegs and bag (4.4kg including bag and pegs).

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