Hand-tied in their own factories with meticulous standards, quality components are used throughout. There accurately shotted and the knots are well-tied.

Designed for commercial carp venues, they are ideal for fishing in shallow water, excelling in the margins close to vegetation.
The 2.4mm diameter buoyant tips will support a variety of baits whilst the bodies are touch and unobtrusive.
There are 3 types – Hooker, Bandit and Pushstop, all available across 4 sizes.

Super Tough
Strong and durable mainline
15cm hooklengths
Barbless hooks
Proven shotting patterns
Details clearly printed on the winder
Perfect for carp
Ready to fish with straight from the packet
Types: Hooker, Bandit, Pushstop
Sizes: 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g 0.5g

Type & float weigh

Hooker rig 0.2g, Hooker rig 0.3g, Hooker rig 0.4g, Hooker rig 0.5g, Bandit rig 0.2g, Bandit rig 0.3g, Bandit rig 0.4g, Bandit rig 0.5g, Push stop rig 0.2g, Push stop rig 0.3g, Push stop rig 0.4g, Push stop rig