The sets are available in three sizes, and each comprises a frying pan and saucepan, which feature stainless steel bases which make them suitable for use with a variety of heat sources, including gas-burning stoves such as our Armolife CG-3 Stove, Armolife Tri-Lite Stove and Armolife Mercury Stove.

The detachable handle is suitable for use with both pans, and makes the Armolife Marble Cooksets very convenient and easy to pack away for transportation.

Product Features
Durable two-layer marbled coating brings superior quality, professional grade non-stick cookware to the bankside.
Extra thick 2.5mm aluminium construction.
Stainless steel base for use on various heat source – including: gas, radial, ceramic, halogen and induction hobs.
Olive green colour with white and black flecks.
Heat-resistant detachable handle with twin-action safety-catch prevents accidental release.

Large – Comes supplied with a 20cm x 8.8cm sauce pan, a 28cm x 5cm frying pan and a detachable handle.
Medium – Comes supplied with a 18cm x 7.8cm sauce pan, a 24cm x 5cm frying pan and a detachable handle.
Compact – Comes supplied with a 16cm x 6.8cm saucepan, a 20cm x 5cm frying pan and a detachable handle.


Compact, Medium, Large