The Bank Saw is a versatile compact saw that can be screwed onto any long bankstick or landing net handle and used for cutting out snags or clearing small branches.

The clever design features a removable blade that can easily be replaced when it loses its cutting edge through protracted use.

Each Gardner Saw is supplied with a spare 8TPI blade, a protective cover/sheath and an Allen key for releasing, replacing and locking the Saw Blades as necessary.

. Super compact and lightweight design.
. External dimensions (sheathed) are approximately 13cm long x 1.3mm wide.
. Weighs approximately 50 grams (just under 2 ounces).
. Solid brass blade mounting with integral 3/8 BSF thread fits most landing net handles and banksticks.
. Manufactured in the UK.

Product Code:
Bank Saw – SAW
Replacement Saw Blade – SAWB

Gardner Tackle Bank Saw