The Fox captive back leads can even be fished off the bottom to avoid weed and detach instantly when you receive a bite. The unique gate system used in the clip ensures that any forward movement will trigger the gate and release the line but there is enough resistance when sliding them on to keep the gate firmly closed.

Normally fished directly under the rod tip to keep the line clear from marauding swans and geese. You can fish a standard back lead further down the line if needed and still use the captive near the tip, getting the best of both worlds. Unlike standard back leads the captives are attached to a length of cord so once you have bought a set they should last you indefinitely. By fishing them on a tight cord from the bank stick you can keep them clear of the bottom, if need be, to avoid bottom debris, weed and snags etc. or slide them out on a long cord and fish them as a normal back lead.

Available in 5 different weights from 1.25oz up to 5oz.


1.25oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz