Dynamite Baits Hot Crab & Krill Liquid Attractant, a highly pungent concentrated bottle that perfectly compliments the matching bait range. Containing all the premium ingredients as the rest of the bait range including specially sourced Antarctic Krill. Its a great way y to add a boost to pellets, hookbaits, groundbait and spod mixes. Its also 100% PVA friendly and will add a powerful kick to your bag and stick mixes.

500ml bottle

Product Code: DY1646

Flavour :

1kg Spicy Sausage, 1kg Garlic & Cheese, 1kg Krill & Crayfish, 1kg Pineapple & Banana, 1kg Plum, 1kg Tutti Frutti, 1kg Scopex, 1kg Spicy Squid, 1kg Strawberry, 2kg Spicy Sausage, 2kg Garlic & Cheese, 2kg Krill & Crayfish, 2kg Pineapple & Banana, 2kg Plum, 2kg Tutti Frutti, 2kg Scopex, 2kg Spicy Squid, 2kg Strawberry