Vass Fleece Lined Boot with quick release Velcro Strap. Waterproof to mid boot and shower resistant & breathable textile upper. Lightweight, flexible, easy and quick to put on. Also benefits from ‘No Metal, No Rust’ so no more broken laces caused by rusty lace eyelets!

The molded lower part of the boot is not in normal PVC but a ‘Vass Hybrid Material’. It’s 30% lighter and considerably more flexible than standard PVC whilst maintaining durability. It was originally developed for boots used in colder climates as it can help/aid insulation in colder temperatures. It’s worth noting that this boot isn’t sold as a ‘Thermally Tested’ boot, however it has the advantage of the above properties to ensure comfort when fishing.

We recommend ordering a size larger than you usually take as the boots come up on the small side.

Vass Fleece Lined Boots With Velcro Strap

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