Place your rigs and baits with pinpoint accuracy into previously inaccessible swims! Great for when bank side vegetation limits your casting, or for dropping rigs into tight gaps among snags, under bushes in fact anywhere reachable with your spoon.

Coming in Ten 1.5m stiff fibreglass sections per bag reaching over 15m when fully attached. Each section locks together with a simple spring button mechanism making adding and shipping sections easy and secure. If you need to go further, these have been tested to over 45m by adding additional spare 1.5m sections sold separately.
The super stable removable head spoon is capable of delivering a whopping Kilo of your chosen bait in one go. Fitted with twin buoyancy ballasts each side, pushing your bait and rigs into position without accidental spillage is a breeze.

Sections 10
Section length 1.5m
Solid fibreglass construction
Uniquely stable buoyant large capacity bait spoon
Additional 1.5m lengths available
Supplied in drawstring carry bag

Product Code: T2076