The Korda Compac luggage range is all made from high quality EVA fabric that is strong, durable and extremely light. This EVA fabric ensures the tackle pouch is water-resistant so tools, baits or terminal tackle is not spoilt when the bag is placed on damp terrain.

Designed for terminal tackle and other angling essentials, this tackle box comes in Korda Kamo that is perfect for anglers that are fans of green camouflage as it helps to hide your luggage when on the bankside from suspicious fish.

Being the largest pouch in the Compac range, the Kamo 220 is the perfect, deep soft tackle box for the organised angler that loves to turn up to the bankside with their fishing tools ready to go. The Korda Compac Kamo 200 ensures your terminal tackle essentials are not in a tangled mess in the bottom of a larger bag so you can get to fishing quicker.

The Compac Kamo provides a neat storage solution, helping you to stay organised and mobile on the bank in case a peg opens up that sparks an interest.