A vast improvement on the original, there are three models to choose – compact, standard and wide.

Each has an increased amount of fleece padding for a comfortable night, whilst a totally new adjustable leg mechanism means you can leave the legs open on your barrow.

Other areas of interest include large hinges so you can keep your sleeping bag stored away whilst in transit. From the head end to about two thirds down there is fully adjustable lumbar support to minimise backache and so you can assume a comfortable position at all times.

Light, aluminium frame
Adjustable lumber support
Flat profile
Padded pillow and fleece-lined mattress
Large hinges to store your sleeping bag while in transit
Adjustable legs

Compact – 200cm(L) x 78cm(W), Weight: 7.5kg
Standard – 215cm(L) x 86cm(W), Weight: 8kg
Wide – 215cm(L) x 100cm(W), Weight: 8.5kg

Wychwood Tactical X Flatbed Bedchairs

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