The much awaited Remote Neville system is now available, the alarms look as they always have done but without the jack socket housing on the back, the transmitter is inside the alarm. You can now combine the reliability, performance and size of a Neville with a reliable remote system!

A feature of this system, that was the first of any roller buzzer, is that when you turn the alarm on there is sound from the speaker, enabling you to use it as a stand alone buzzer or if when using the receiver you can flick the switch and make the alarm silent so that the only sound comes from the receiver. The receiver system itself has been rigorously tested and has excellent range, not that they advocate you going large distances from you rods but it means it has excellent clarity of signal in densely vegetated areas.

The receiver has 4 leds (red/yell/green & blue), 3 volume settings and a vibration setting. It now includes a new system which eliminates false indiations.

Available with Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Green & Purple LEDS.

Steve Neville Remote Alarm

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