Perfect for hikers, hunters, and dog walkers, as well as anglers, these Skee-Tex Field Boots are the ultimate in weather proof comfort.  Lined with English wool, and featuring moisture wicking material on the inners, they will ensure you stay both warm and dry, keeping you completely comfortable, however long you’re on your feet. The lower clog is also 100% waterproof, meaning you’ll never have to put up with seepage when you’re walking through long, damp grass, or wading through large puddles. The waterproof nature of your boots also means they’ll last longer – water causes lesser boots to rot, but that’s not something you’ll have to worry about with Skee-Tex footwear.

The boot upper is suede, with secure lacing keeping you well shod, no matter what terrain you’re traversing, and the wool inner can be removed and washed, ensuring long-term comfort and hygiene.

For anglers, the right pair of boots will get you over that gravelly expanse to the perfect lakeside, along heavily wooded paths to secluded swims, and over the rocks and pebbles that make up many of Britain’s best fishing beaches.

Designed to look as good, and prove as functional, on an urban canal side as in a landscaped meadow leading down to a gleaming lake of perfection, Skee-Tex really does create go-anywhere footwear, that will appeal to anglers and countryside enthusiasts alike.

Whatever your reason for getting out and about, make sure you do it in weatherproof, comfortable style; do it with Skee-Tex.

When ordering your Skee-Tex boots, please ensure you’re quoting UK sizes.