Manufactured from the very highest quality raw materials available and to the strictest quality standards, Hollo Elastic delivers trouble-free, consistent performance. Hollo Elastic is available in 6 different strengths to suit all carp fishing situations from 9H up to a very powerful 19H. Thoroughly tested by our consultants.

Hollo Elastic comes in 3m lengths in a sealed bag that ensures it stays in perfect condition. The ratings correspond to normal elastic ratings, so a 13H rating is between 12 and 14 normal elastic strength. Due to a special manufacturing process, injecting lubricant inside the elastic is not required.

Hollo Elastics Diameters: 9H – 1.9mm, 11H – 2.1mm, 13H – 2.3mm, 15H – 2.6mm, 17H – 2.8mm, 19H – 3.0mm.