Created using hardy thirty millimetre legs for a sturdy foundation whilst fishing, this features patent pending “Mag Lok” technology which eliminated the use of any plastic catches which makes them smooth consistent and durable too!

The all new Patent Pending Clip Locking System “MAG LOK” is another leap forward in the market design. In development for over 12 months, “MAG LOK’s” unique design incorporates the use of high strength Neodymium Magnets to lock and unlock the SeatBox Clips making them reliable and effortless to use.

Package Includes:
. Mag lok deluxe seat with shallow side drawer
. Mag lok deep side drawer unit
. Mag lok 26mm shallow tray unit
. Mag lok seatbox lid unit
. Mag lok 26mm shallow tray unit
. Deluxe padded shoulder strap
. Seatbox cover and shuttle adaptor


    • All leg blocks feature TPE non-marking system which ensures that both outer and inner legs can be locked safely and securely in any given position.
    • 32mm diameter inner leg profile reduces overall weight whilst increasing stability.
    • Full footplate with unique hard wearing material
    • Patent pending ‘Easy Access System’ allows the cassette to easily slide out of the front and rear of the box
    • Two threaded end caps allow easy addition of essential Offbox 36 accessories. All six legs are interchangeable to suit your preferred setup when fishing.
    • Deluxe padded seat unit with integrated shallow side drawer makes efficient use of traditionally wasted space.
    • 36mm diameter outer leg profile adds to the stability and solidity of the box.
    • Mudfoot to help reduce overall weight without compromising on strength and durability.

Product Code: P0120022