The most advanced coated hooklink yet – fast sinking, easily stripped and with a super abrasion resistant braided Kevlar core. Available with a stiff or semi-stiff coating for ultimate tuning of modern presentations. 10 metres per spool. Available in 20lb in non reflective Gravel, Weed or Silt matt camouflage finishes.What sets Skinlink apart is that the braid in most anglers’ combi rigs is a floating product, and only additional weighting or a heavier skin actually sinks it. Skinlink due to the extra dense Kevlar inner is a genuine sinker whether stripped or not.

The coating has been developed for a perfect combination of durability and stiffness. With widespread use of presentations like the Multi Rig where hooks can be changed and the link reused it is an advantage to have a tough coating like that on Skinlink so it does not slip or wear after a few fish – giving rigs a longer effective life.The coating on Skinlink is best removed with a stripper tool, and because of its strength, Skinlink will also knot down firmly without the coating splitting as it is bedded down.
The inner Kevlar braid is in itself a hooklink choice, and Alan Blair has found Skinlink simplifies his tackle box because one hooklink material now does two jobs. The coating of Skinlink remains on for anti tangle properties when casting, or when solid PVA bag fishing or for margin work he removes all the coating and fishes the inner braid as a link straight through.

The choice of Stiff Coated and Semi-Stiff Coated Skinlink allows presentation to be tuned, from Hinged Stiff Rigs to Multi Rigs to traditional Combi-Rigs.

Available in Gravel Brown & Dark Silt in 15lb, 20lb, 25lb & 35lb.


Gravel 15lb, Gravel 20lb, Gravel 25lb, Silt 15lb, Silt 20lb, Silt 25lb