Our new ‘Wafter’ hookbaits have been designed and extensively tested to provide the modern-day angler the ability to create ‘critically-balanced’ hookbait presentations – quickly and easily. Simply thread the hookbait onto a Hair Rig and the weight of the rig hook will counterbalance the slow sinking buoyancy of the ‘Wafter’ perfectly!

Combined with the High Impact range of liquid flavours and additives – the result is a selection of highly attractive hookbaits with advanced performance and hooking potential!

Wafter/Hook Ratio:12mm/Sz8 15mm/Sz6 18mm/Sz4.

(Guideline only – Check rigs prior to fishing. Add counterbalance where necessary as hook weights may vary)

Available in 250ml tubs in 12mm, 15mm and 18mm sizes:
Salty Squid
Essential IB
Spicy Crab
High Leakage Pineapple
Diamond Whites


12mm Salty Squid, 12mm Essential IB, 12mm Banoffee, 12mm Spicy Crab, 12mm High Leakage Pineapple, 12mm Diamond Whites, 12mm Salty Squid, 15mm Essential IB, 15mm Banoffee, 15mm Spicy Crab, 15mm High Leakage Pineapple, 15mm Diamond Whites, 15mm Salty Squid, 18mm Essential IB, 18mm Banoffee, 18mm Spicy Crab, 18mm High Leakage Pineapple, 18mm Diamond Whites, 18mm Salty Squid