Korda Chod rigs are precision tied using the proven 25lb Mouth Trap and Choddy components.

Featuring a unique whipping knot that allows the hooklink to exit the hook eye at the optimum angle and create one of the most effective presentations in modern carp fishing.

Available in short or long and in sizes 4,6 or 8 in barbed or barbless patterns.

Size 4 rigs tied to 25lb Mouth Trap
Size 6 rigs tied to 20lb Mouth Trap
Size 8 rigs tied to 15lb Mouth Trap

3 per packet.


Short Size 4 Barbed, Short Size 6 Barbed, Short Size 8 Barbed, Short Size 4 Barbless, Short Size 6 Barbless, Short Size 8 Barbless, Long Size 4 Barbed, Long Size 6 Barbed, Long Size 8 Barbed, Long Size 4 Barbless, Long Size 6 Barbless, Long Size 8 Barbless