Korda N Trap Semi Stiff takes coated hooklink materials into a new era. Developed by the Korda team to create advanced combi style rigs and using a revolutionary new coating material that is matt and easy to strip.

Korda n Trap Semi Stiff perfectly bridges the gap between Korda N Trap Soft and Korda N Trap Stiff. Made with a small amount of rigidity to prevent tangles and allow small, balanced baits to boom away from the lead. The inner braid is woven aerospace grade dyneema – the most reliable high strength material available.

Korda N Trap will not let you down!

• Suitable for any kind of rig
• Available in Weedy Green, Gravel Brown and Silt
• 15lb, 20lb and 30lb breaking strains
• Suitable for figure of 8 loop knots
• Not suitable for Krimping

20m Spool.