Some people struggle to tie a D-rig, or just want something that takes all of the hassle out of it, and the D-rig Kickers allow you to effortlessly create this highly effective set-up.

The D-rig is a favourite of Korda boss Danny Fairbrass, and the D-Rig Kicker has been designed to create the perfect ‘D’ every time, which can be adjusted to suit your needs. These D-rig Kickers are constructed from rubber and once you’ve tied your hook to the end of your hook link, simply slide on the longer part of the Kicker, add a Rig Ring or Micro Ring Swivel to it, and then thread the other end onto the hook, and pull the Kicker snugly over the eye, before positioning the other end of it to create the ‘D’. Different size D-Rig Kickers are designed to be used with a specific size of hook, so that they sit correctly and remain tightly in place.

They come in small (size 6-8); medium (size 4-6); large (size 2-4); and x-large (size 1-2). Each packet contains ten and they are green in colour.