COG stands for Centre of Gravity, which is a reference to the unique way that the hook link is attached to the heaviest part of the lead, giving instant, unparalleled hooking. Put simply, this system has been designed to convert more pick-ups into fish on the bank.

Korda COG kits includes three lead clips, three tail rubbers and three leadcore links with Kwik Links enabling you to set up the system perfectly.

The booms and leads are numbered for ease of use.


Flat Distance COG Boom 2/2.5oz, Flat Distance COG Boom 3/3.5oz, Flat Distance COG Boom 4/5oz, Flat Pear COG Boom 2/2.5oz, Flat Pear COG Boom 3/3.5oz, Flat Pear COG Boom 4/5oz, Flat Pear COG Boom 6/8oz