These precision-engineered drills are perfect for creating popular balanced presentations like the KD rig and Muzza rig. There are two drills in the range, 8mm and 6mm, which will cater for a range of hook baits, including standard baits, smaller boilies and tiger nuts.

The tips of the drill bits have been specially engineered to allow baits to be drilled without cracking. The Korda Drill set is perfect for balancing Boilies or nuts, simply drill your bait and insert the matching cork.

Each drill comes supplied with six quality cork sticks that fit the drilled holes perfectly.


Bait Drill 4mm, Bait Drill 6mm, Bait Drill 8mm, Spare Cok Sticks 4mm, Spare Cork Sticks 6mm, Spare Cork Sticks 8mm