‘Sure Pro’ is a superior performance black mainline that is suited for carp, coarse and sea anglers. The addition of the optimum level of black pigment makes this line supple without affecting its key performance attributes of linear and knot strength.

If you’re fishing a venue that has a dark coloured sediment bottom; whether that’s carping on a silty mere or an ancient gravel pit, smashing out big leads to peat ledges on your local estuary or beach you’ll find this colour blends in superbly across a variety of aquatic environments. The dark colour is a great all rounder in terms of camouflage.

The soft feel of the line doesn’t mean that anglers that want the toughest copolymer will be disappointed. Far from it! Just like all the Gardner mainlines ‘Sure Pro’ has been developed to be amazingly hard wearing which means it can cope better than almost any other line with rough ground or gravel bars.

The higher breaking strains of ‘Sure Pro’ (in 0.45mm and 0.50mm) also make an awesome carp hooklink material and 1 spool will probably last most carp anglers a lifetime. Now that’s good value!

‘Sure Pro’ is available to buy in a wide variety of breaking strains and diameters:

12lb = 0.30mm
15lb = 0.35mm
20lb = 0.40mm
25lb = 0.45mm
30lb = 0.50mm