After the long term success of GR60, the next generation of line has been launched with the new GR60X. To make this line Insight listened to some of the best anglers in the country. The answers received from these anglers where quite simple; colour, finish, sinking rate, reliability, abrasion resistant and knot strength.

The colours used where the same as GR60 but GR60X has a smooth matt anti reflective finish to stop the line from reflecting in the water making it less visible. Also it allows for the line to pass through the rod rings better resulting in extra distance to your cast.

Due to the type of structure in manufacturing of this line, GR60X has a better sinking rate than GR60, but does not hug the bottom like some fluorocarbons; this allows GR60X to lift up in the water when striking giving more of a positive strike, rather than like some fluorocarbons which are pulled through the water.

While GR60X is more supple than GR60 it still has the same if not better abrasion resistance, knot strength and reliability.

Available in Clear or Green:
10lb – 0.30mm 1408m
12lb – 0.35mm 1033m
15lb – 0.40mm 792m