This superior GR60 line has been developed to bring together the most advanced features which today’s big fish anglers demand. The result is a line that displays not only incredible knot strength, but high resistance to abraision – yet not wiry in structure. High tolerance factors in manufacturing produce a uniform diameter line that’s super smooth with very little memory.

The stretch factor has been controlled to an optimum level giving just the right control over hard fighting fish. Spooled on large diameter bobbins and produced in small batches at a time, this line reaches you in total ‘fresh’ condition.

Available in 10lb, 12lb, 15lb and 18lb.

Colours: Clear or Green.

4.5kg (10lb) 0.30mm 1,408m
5.4kg (12lb) 0.35mm 1,033m
6.75kg(15lb) 0.40mm 792m