he R-Series is an extremely comfortable range that has been built to our exacting standards. The series comprises three models – R1 (Compact), R2 (Standard) and R3 (Kingsize).

• Fold flat profile for maximum comfort
• Cam-free design for maximum usable width
• Full lumbar support to ensure firm mattress with no sagging
• Fleece-lined, padded mattress
• Features Fox Camo pattern on trim
• Extra padding at head end
• Double hinges allow for a sleeping bag to be folded inside
• Unique side straps for ensuring bed is compact when packed away
• Large swivelling mud-feet
• 6 adjustable legs

Available in 3 sizes:
R1 Compact (CBC054) 205cm x 85cm 12.6kg

R2 Standard (CBC055) 212cm x 98cm 13.0kg

R3 Kingsize (CBC056) 223cm x 101cm 13.8kg


R1 Bed, R2 Bed, R3 Bed