Syncro XT sinks through the surface film virtually unaided until it just hangs from the rod tips and if a slack line approach is required it stays that way, lying tight to the bottom to the extent that you can feel it peeling up off the lake bed when winding in.

The dark olive pigment disappears against any lake bed and is actually very difficult to see when suspended off the rod tips, even in tap clear water.

The following knot strengths can be achieved using a carefully tied five turn grinner (tested on calibrated digital force meter):

Nominal 10lb (0.30mm) Possible 15lb
Nominal 12lb (0.33mm) Possible 17.5lb
Nominal 15lb (0.37mm) Possible 21lb
Nominal 18lb (0.40mm) Possible 26lb

All available on 1,000m bulk spools.

Breaking Strain

10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 18lb