Available in three sizes: 20mm, 25mm and 32mm.

20mm and 25mm PVA Mesh Kits:
Ideal for producing Dynamite Sticks and include a Plunger. The Bait Tube has a slightly flared top to make filling easier and is moulded in a tough, durable polymer. The Plunger has a rubberoid handle for comfort and is graded in 25mm divisions to help produce uniform size packages and sticks up to 15cm (6″) in length. The full kits of PVA Mesh, Bait Tube and Plunger fit neatly inside the convenient waterproof containers.

2mm ESP PVA Mesh Kit:
The larger diameter 32mm material is designed for making up less compacted, rounded bags of bait. It is therefore supplied with a flexible moulded funnel which fits securely in place over the top of the bait tube and can be removed for convenient storage.

Diameter & Colour

20mm Green, 25mm Red, 32mm Black