The Source is Dynamite Bait’s biggest-selling boilie of all time and is responsible for putting thousands of carp on the banks. It was created from Terry Hearn’s own recipe and is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients.

The boilie is made-up of a combination of high protein fishmeal and bird food, together with crushed egg shell which gives The Source its unique texture and makes it easier for a carp to digest. Its distinctive red colour is down to liberal quantities of Robin Red being used. This is what also gives the bait its spicy flavour.

The Source has accounted for a wide variety of fish from huge 50lb+ carp in the UK and Europe through to bumper bags of smaller fish.

Key features:
– Dynamite Bait’s biggest-selling boilie of all time!
– Made from the finest bird foods and fishmeals
– High in protein and a balanced meal for carp
– Crushed eggshell gives it a unique texture
– Three top-secret fish attractors give it a special smell and flavour!
– Matching pellets, Stick Mix and groundbait also available


1kg 12mm, 1kg 15mm, 1kg 18mm, 1kg 20mm, 5kg 15mm, 5kg 20mm