Harnessing the devastating attractiveness of a Tiger Nut, this bait contains large amounts of our highest quality tiger nut flour, which contains naturally occurring amino acids such as Lysine as well as essential vitamins & minerals.

Dynamite have add their own very unique & exclusive Vanilla based feed inducing palatant to the flour creating a very sweet, creamy and nutty lingering taste profile. By sourcing the best natural tiger nut milk and then adding our special all season attractants, taken from the Ice Cream industry, this bait really is taken to the next level and has a solubility factor to die for, no matter how cold the water gets you can be assured that this bait is still pumping fish attracting signals out regardless.

A truly addictive bait that is pure confidence in a bag.

Tiger Nut Flour,
Tiger Nut Milk,
Sweet Vanilla Palatant,
All Season Attractants

The kilo bags are in resealable zip lock packaging meaning you can keep your bait fresher for longer.

Available in 10mm, 15mm, 18mm and 20mm.


1kg 12mm, 1kg 15mm, 1kg 20mm, 5kg 15mm, 5kg 20mm