With just one light and one heavy Drennan Vari-Weight Feeder, nine different weight combinations are available.

The base weights are divided into two unequal parts and simply slide in and out of their housing in the bottom of each feeder. Although they are excellent on stillwaters, Drennan Vari-Weight Feeders are designed primarily for the river angler who needs to make small adjustments to the weight loading in order to get the feeder fishing perfectly

The ability to make these adjustments without replacing one feeder for another and without altering its streamlining is a real advantage, especially when fishing for drop backs with a carbon quivertip.

Vari-Weight Feeder Combinations:
Mini: 4g, 7g, 8g, 11g, 12g, 13g, 15g, 17g, 20g
Small: 6g, 10g, 12g, 16g, 18g, 20g, 22g, 26g, 30g
Medium: 8g, 14g, 16g, 22g, 24g, 26g, 30g, 34g, 40
Large: 10g, 16g, 20g, 26g, 30g, 34g, 36g, 44g, 50g

Sizes available:
Mini: Lightweight 12g / Heavyweight 20g
Small: Lightweight 18g / Heavyweight 30g
Medium: Lightweight 24g / Heavyweight 40g
Large: Lightweight 30g / Heavyweight 50g

There are four Vari-Weight Feeders in the range, each with its own range of nine different weight combinations and all supplied in a pack of two feeders (one green and one brown).