Featuring a teardrop balsa body, this design is simply perfect for fishing with maggot and casters all year round! The 0.2 to 0.6g sizes have a 0.5mm stems and the 0.8 and 1g sizes have a 0.6mm stem. The nickel-titanium steel stems are self-straightening, ensuring they stay straight at all times.

One of the key features of these is the addition of interchangeable solid plastic 1mm tips. These are available in four colours; red, orange, yellow and black. These fit nicely into the bonded low diameter plastic housing which features a ribbed surface finish to ensure secure binding.The eye is glued into the side which helps it to settle correctly. They also feature their extra tough acrylic paint finish which stops the line from cutting into the body.

Teardrop balsa body
Extra tough acrylic paint finish
Secure side eye
Interchangeable tips
Solid plastic 1mm tips
Red, orange, yellow and black tip colours
Nickel-titanium steel stems
Based on the old ‘Chop’ style

Sizes: 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g, 0.5g, 0.6g, 0.8g, 1.0g