The Drennan Red Range Carp wagglers were designed principally for commercial Carp fishing. There are two versions 11ft (3.35m) and 12ft (3.66m), in a dark burgundy red finish with a part cork and duplon handle, screw down reel seat and a neat keeper ring.

These well balanced blanks have enough through action to aid good line and float control and help tire out and land large, hard fighting Carp, yet the tip is still responsive enough to make playing smaller silverfish plus Tench and Bream a really enjoyable experience.
Ideal for accurate, repetitive casting when fishing a pellet waggler, both rods have a reel line rating of 3lb to 6lb fished straight through, or or with slightly lighter hook length of 2.5lb to 5lb.

The 11ft version will comfortably cast wide range of floats up to 5g in weight and is better suited for fishing the tighter swims where room for casting and playing fish is restricted, and in general for closer range fishing on smaller waters.

The 12ft (3.66m) model is ideal for slightly larger waters where accurate casting of larger floats up to around 8g is required.