Expanding the hugely popular Red Range of rods and reels, the 11m Red Range Carp pole offers an exceptional value package coupled with real performance.

The Red Range Carp makes a quality long margin pole, a good second pole for experienced anglers and is also an excellent choice for a first pole. Importantly, it is a true 11 metre model that is perfectly fishable and manageable at this length. As the name suggests, it is more than strong enough for carp and commercial fisheries. It is also stiff and responsive enough for catching lots of silver fish.

A true 11 metre model provides great manageability
Reinforced sections throughout
Extra long reinforcement to No2 section
Strong and highly durable, great for carp and commercial fisheries
Stiff and responsive, suitable for silver fish
Weighs just 975g on average
Factory fitted Side Pull Slots
Side Pull System included