The Drennan Red Range 13ft Float rod is built on a remarkably well balanced carbon blank which has all the attributes needed in a 13ft general purpose float rod.

It is perfect for holding line off the water when controlling top and bottom floats, and is also an excellent waggler rod when fishing stillwaters. The lightweight and responsive tip helps to hit fast bites and reduce hook pulls, while its mellow semi-through action makes it an excellent fish playing rod. Ideal for use with 3-4lb reel lines, either fished straight through, or with hooklengths down to about 1lb (0.08mm).

13ft (3.96m) Three sections
Semi-through fish playing action
Lightweight and responsive tip
Pin-point casting accuracy
Lightweight carbon blank
Dark burgundy red finish
Part cork and duplon handle
Screw-down reel seat
Neat keeper ring Ideal for 3-4lb reel lines