Drennan Glow Tip Carp Inserts feature our transparent Crystal®-style construction with a 6.6mm diameter straight tube and a stepped 4mm insert in a light green tint to preserve the Glow Tip effect. They cast long and straight and have interchangeable, size-engraved bomb weights, which means you can swap to a lighter bomb from another float and put more shot down the line if necessary.

A slightly longer stem below the bomb weight also allows a secure grip with a silicone or swivel float attachment. Drennan Crystal® floats and interchangeable Combo Tips have been made by the company simnce the mid-1980s. They are a bit like angler’s Lego, enabling the angler to make alterations to a float according to the conditions.

Sizes: 1.5g 2.0g 2.5g 3.0g 3.5g 4.0g

Float size

1.5g, 2.0g, 2.5g, 3.0g, 3.5g, 4.0g