Drennan Carp Bandits have an acute upturned eye which is designed specifically to allow the hook sit straight on the hooklink improving presentation and hooking ability.

These 8 rigs can be shortened but at 30cm they are an ideal length for feeder and waggler fishing. The bait band can be stretched around pellets or pulled inside drilled pellets and soft baits like sweetcorn and meat with a bait needle.

Key Features:
• Bronze
• Swept crystal bend
• Medium/Long shank
• Chemically etched long needle point
• Upturned eye
• Extra long whipping
• Twisted, stiffened hair

Available in sizes 10s to 7lb (0.20), 12s to 6lb (0.18mm), 14s to 5lb (0.16), 16s to 4lb (0.15) and 18s to 4lb (0.15).

Hook size & breaking strain

10 – 7lb, 12 – 6lb, 14 – 5lb, 16 – 4lb, 14 – 4lb