Designed to hold its form and shape so that you will never need to untangle the mesh when it is in use! The mesh itself is specially designed so that it is both kind to the fish and your tackle, great for both parties. Ideal for all types of venues and species, including carp and silverfish.

Unlike anything else on the market and offer a significant technical improvement on existing match and carp models. The flat section, knotless mesh with a super fine, tight weave is fish friendly. Other features include a lightweight but strong D-section frame, a metal spreader block and a stainless screw fitting.
Available in three sizes: 16in (41cm) & 18in (46cm)

. Unique hook resistant mesh
. Anti-snag material
. Soft and fish friendly
. Lightweight D-section alloy frame
. Extra strong spreader block
. Stainless steel thread
. For carp and silverfish
. Ideal for barbed and barbless hooks

Product Code: TNLAHR016/014-18

Net Size

14" Net, 16" Net, 18" Net